Rob Kennedy  makes videos, sounds and objects. This work tends to focus on the unreliability of language and the difficulties of succinct communication, shifting between sculpture, audio, text and video, to make an art that is more concerned with the manipulation of material, language and time rather than acting as a framing device through which to view the world. The role of collaboration with artists and non-artists is a mainstay in all this work, led by the desire to give up certain creative controls in order to provoke doubt and thought, his manipulation of materials encourages the dissonance of everyday experience to foster empowering, uncertain and open encounters with the artwork.

Selected Exhibitions/Screenings:

‘King Putt’s’ – artist designed Crazy Golf Course, Festival 2018, Glasgow, 2018

‘acts of dis play’ - solo exhibition, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh - 2016

‘Playtime’ - research project Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh - 2016

‘LOOP Discovery’ - International touring video exhibition - 2015/6

‘CABAC: New Moving Image from Scotland’ - Lux Scotland International Touring Programme - 2015

‘IDIOTBOX’ - group show Kate McGarry Gallery, London - 2015

‘What is there to talk about?’ - research project Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh - 2015

‘Recipe for feedback (Not Krakatoa)’ - with K.Nomi & P.Dowling, Counterflows, Glasgow - 2014

‘Do actors speak louder than words?’ - solo exhibition, The Tetley, Leeds - 2014

‘Public Address: Hello, can you hear me now?’ solo exhibition & performances, QPRC, Glasgow - 2013

‘House Style’ - group exhibition, Tramway, Glasgow - 2013

‘More dazed…/Mute Swan’ - performance, Northern Charter, Newcastle - 2013

‘The Irregular Correct’ - group show FAC, Fremantle, Australia - 2013

‘Is there anything to do here…?’ - solo exhibition, Glasgow Int., CCA, Glasgow - 2012