'acts of dis play'

Rob Kennedy


30 mins

HD video file, colour, stereo, ratio 16:9

Co-produced by Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, UK

A digital image is a body of information, a body of data.

The marketing suggests that the more data captured, the more real the representation, but the more this data grows the more malleable it becomes and thus the more fictions may be presented. Reciprocally these fictions excite technology and so they grow, exponentially entwined.


Four actors pick their way through short monologues in English, none of them speaking their mother tongue. In the isolated confines of a recording studio each actor understands sense and meaning as we learn with them. The quoted texts each grapple with the dichotomies of communication and individual understanding, how the worlds that we construct order all that we can actually communicate.


This learning through mistakes, confusion and repetition is simultaneously translated in the soundtrack as simplified layers of repeating electronic rhythms, the basic building blocks of a complex digital music stripped to its foundations.

Cutting into, overlaying and intertwining this learning process are scavenged video clips highlighting the limited understanding of digital imaging, internet stories of representation and control and our everyday efforts to order and contain the world.


How we play, how we act, how we display ourselves to the world is formed in a complex animation of reason and illusion.

contact: robkenn@gmail.com